You said Eurometropolis?

You said Eurometropolis?

The Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai (LKT) Eurometropolis is above all a gathering of three regions within Europe — The Lille Metropolis Urban Community, Picard Wallonia and West-Flanders — with a rich common history and a shared sense for welcoming and friendliness. 

This is the reason every year Eurometropolis seduces millions of visitors who come to explore this region of belfries, open to the world.

The Eurometropolis has a tempting tourist offer, charming thanks to its diversity: city or countryside wandering but always in gourmet style, exploration of sites classified as Unesco world heritage, shopping trends, exploration of exceptional museums, sweet outings by bike or over water… The Eurometropolis proposes various destinations and activities for young and old in all seasons.

The Eurometropolis groups 14 French and Belgian institutions of intercommunal level at the national level. Its territory measures 3500 km² including the Lille Metropolis Urban Community (on the French side), the southern and central part of the West-Flanders province and Picard Wallonia (on the Belgian side).

The Eurometropolis supports the setup of cross border services to facilitate daily life of 2.1 million inhabitants and plenty of local actors. It aims at improving the framework of life for Eurometropolitans by engaging itself to comply with 6 main challenges: tourism, culture, mobility of people and goods, development of economy-work-research, planning of the regional territory and sustainable development, all services for the population and citizens.

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