Walk in the heart of Tournai – Picardian Wallonia

Walk in the heart of Tournai – Picardian Wallonia


Discover the history of Tournai through two of its wonders which are UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites: the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Belfry.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral is most impressive for its vastness and its mix of architectural styles. The nave is Romanesque, the transept and chancel Gothic. Begun in 1110 and finished in 1255, it was built on top of ancient religious monuments, the oldest dating back to the fifth century. The Cathedral’s five towers soar to 83 metres and give Tournai its name of "City of the five bell towers". The tour guides you round the interior and exterior of the Cathedral, which is currently under restoration. You will go from the Porte Mantille to Place Paul-Emile Janson and Place de l’Evêché to view special features of its architecture and treasure-house.


Then it is off to the 12th century Belfry, the oldest in Belgium, situated at the end of the Grand-Place. A symbol of communal liberties, the tower is 72 metres high and offers magnificent views of the Cathedral and the whole city. The tour ends in the Grand-Place, from where you can enjoy unique views of the two buildings from one of the many welcoming cafe terraces!




Introduction to the city of Tournai

The Romanesque nave, Gothic transept and chancel

The restored nave

The bell towers - facts and figures

The Porte Mantille

Place Paul-Émile Janson – the quadrangle – Le quadrilatère

Place de l’Évêché

The west façade

The west façade porch and statuary

The Romanesque nave from the interior

The reverse of the façade (rose window, organ)

The nave capitals

The Saint-Vincent bridge chapel

The Saint-Louis chapel

The Gothic chancel

The Gothic chancel continued

The Belfry

The Belfry continued

The Grand-Place

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